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“PARTS OF THE BODY” Quiz Results

Congratulations to the Winners of the £20 prize – John and Carole Webster of Newton-le-Willows, Merseyside (97); 

Joint 2nd: -  Pam Recknell of Somerton, Jayne and Jude, and Mrs Shirley Thomas of Corby, Lancashire (95); 

3rd:- E J Bidgood of Cullompton (94).

My sincere thanks to all who bought and entered the Quiz, and to the many traders in Langport, Huish and Somerton who kindly offered sheets for sale and to all who promoted it and those who made donations.   Your efforts and generosity have raised £449  for St. Mary's.     Margaret Fricker


1Prominent East Sussex coastal feature (6,4)Beachy HEAD

2Behave!  (3,3,4)TOE the line

3Houseplant (6-2-4,6)Mother-in-law’s TONGUE

4Once essential and kept in the boot (5,4)SPARE TYRE

5Miserable! (4,2,3,5)Down in the MOUTH

6Apparently entitled to all (4,11)SOLE beneficiary

7Be involved! (4,1,6,2,3,3)Have a FINGER in the pie

8Indicates satisfaction (6,2)THUMBS up

9Alongside (7,2)aBREAST of

10Main transport route (5,4)TRUNK road

11Usually fed at floor level (8)WHISKERS

12Let’s hear it for Vitamin C! (3,3,6)HIP HIP Hooray

13Accept bravely! (4,2,2,3,4)Take it on the CHIN

14Impending doom! (4,2,5)JAWS of death

15Specific uniform (6)LIVERy

16Failed argument! (2,3,2,5,2)No LEG to stand on

17To be feared by the guilty! (4,3,2,3,3)The long ARM of the law

18A briefly calm meteorological area (3,2,1,9)EYE of a hurricane

19Very close acquaintance! (5,6)BOSOM friend

20Alma and Rosemary both asked this question (5,4,3,5,6,2)Where will the Baby’s DIMPLE be?

21Ostracise! (4,8)Cold SHOULDER

22Don’t let them upset you! (4,1,5,5,3)Keep a stiff upper LIP

23Touching this was a sign of deference (8)FORELOCK or FOREHEAD

24Place of early learning (7,4)Mother’s KNEE

25Corvine landing gear! (5,4)CROWS FEET

26Substance Lonnie asked questions about (7,3)Chewing GUM

27Get to work with a will! (7,4)KNUCKLE down

28Plumber’s tool (7)pLUNGer

29Lacking sensitivity! (4,2,5)Hard as NAILS

30Trainee dolphin! (6,5)School PUPIL

31These apparently, can be flared! (8)NOSTRILS

32Bribe someone! (6,5,4)Grease their PALM

33Apparently! (2,3,4,2,2)On the FACE of it

34Sad accommodation for the King! (10,5)HEARTbreak Hotel

35Level pegging (4,3,4)NECK and NECK

36Way to keep control! (1,6,2,3,5)Finger on the PULSE

37Not the best way to hit the water! (9)BELLYflop

38Sharp surgical instrument (7)SCALPel

39Additional information (8)APPENDIX

40Floral flag (4)IRIS

41Possibly an original recycler! (3-3-4,3)Rag -and-BONE Man

42Advantage! (5,4)Upper HAND

43Centre part of a titled jacket (5)SPINE (of a book)

44Comedy script! (8,5)LAUGHTER LINES

45Scenic area (6,4)BEAUTY SPOT

46Not my fruit! (5,5)ADAM’S APPLE

47Flighty visitor with harvest connections (8)WheatEAR

48Stay calm! (4,4,5)Keep your NERVE

49Settle up! (4,3,4)FOOT the bill

50Combined forces (5,7)JOINT venture or efforts

51Needed for a mode of transport, but not bikes! (9)TRAMLINES

52Behaviour lacking scruples (12)  SKULLduggery

53The deepest, dark interior! (6,2,3,5)BOWELS of the earth

54He’s deeply involved! (2,2,3,7)Up to his ARMPITS

55Take control of a miscreant! (5,2,4)Bring to HEEL

56Place of worship (6)TEMPLE

57Sounds like an archaic “you” with a soft start! (5)THIGH

58Encroach on something! (6,2)MUSCLE in

59Something very funny! (3-7)RIB-tickler

60These can be batted (7)EYELIDS

61Close win on the course! (2,1,4)By a NOSE

62Reprimand! (4,2,3,5)Slap on the WRIST

63It pays to know beforehand (10,2,9)Forewarned is FOREARMed

64Statement of family loyalty (5,2,7,4,5)BLOOD is thicker than water

63Did this literary lad grow up to work for MI5? (6,4)Adrian MOLE

66What was it Old Blue Eyes said? (3,3,3,5,2,4)I’ve got you under my SKIN

67Coastal defence - shorter spelling (5)GROIN

68Sounds like selective destruction of sweet young things! (7)CUTICLE

69How to march! (6)INSTEP (in step)

70Hard to accept! (6,2,3,6)Sticks in the THROAT or GULLET

71Climb rapidly (4,2)SHIN up

72Feeling pressurised! (10)BROWbeaten

73Own up! (3,2,3,4,5)Get it off your CHEST

74Useable space! (5,4)ELBOW room

75American Sci-fi trilogy (4,2,3,6)BACK To The Future

76What Jack reputedly fractured in a North Somerset village!His CROWN

77Left high and dry! (3,2,1,4)Out on a LIMB

78An edible 36! (6,4)KIDNEY bean

79Anything, no matter what! (5,3,3)WARTS and all

80A brief, descriptive drawing (9,6)THUMBNAIL sketch

81Wild form of clematis (3,4,5)Old Man’s BEARD

82Left out, add other to annoy! (6)RANKLE  (R)ankle

83Did this Shakespearean character bray? (6)BOTTOM

84Respond to insult without retaliation! (4,3,5,5)Turn the other CHEEK

85Even the strongest can be wrapped around these! (6,7)LITTLE FINGERS

86Sounds like something to discard (5)WAIST (waste)

87Doesn’t need to be thought about! (2-7)No-BRAINer

88Are these really worth exchanging for a “must have” item? (8)EYETEETH

89Type of fight (10)FISTicuffs

90RUN TO A CLOSER TOMB (anag.)  20th Century film for a good laughMonte Carlo or BUST

91Sounds like a Scot affirming punishment (9)EYELASHES (aye, lashes!)

92Quibbling! (9,5)Splitting HAIRS

93Something similar! (2,3,4,4)In the same VEIN

94Well and truly equipped! (5,2,3,5)Armed to the TEETH

95They go flat out for gold (8,4)SKELETON team

96Food for the Prodigal Son (6,4)Fatted CALF 

97Not squeamish! (4,1,6,7)Have a strong STOMACH 

98Possibly a shirt accessory, to keep it smart! (10)COLLARBONE

99Is your 26 caught on these when heaved left and right? (7)TONSILS

100Enjoying great wealth (2,3,3,2,6)In the LAP of luxury