Roundabout magazine

Published by the Langport Team Ministry, each month
(10 magazines a year) Roundabout magazine is distributed
to every household in: 

Aller | Drayton | High Ham
Langport & Huish Episcopi 
Low Ham | Long Load | Long Sutton
Muchelney | Pitney

Langport Team Ministry is a registered Charity publishing
Roundabout to promote Christian values, to improve
communication within the community and initiate contact
between the Church and its wider congregation.


Items for publication should be passed to your Parish
Correspondents by the first Monday of each month:

Aller | Elaine Foster 01458 253299  elainefoster_154@fsmail.net
Drayton | Mary Fryer 01458 251400 mary@angusfryer.wanadoo.co.uk
High Ham & Low Ham | Mary Madgwick 01458 250295  pmadgwick@talktalk.net
Langport & Huish Episcopi | Yvonne Walker 01458 253620 yaw1921@hotmail.co.uk
Long Sutton | Lieve Cousins 01458 241450  lsnewsletter@btinternet.com
Long Load | Joseph Lewis 01935 823906  josephlewis2008@hotmail.co.uk
Muchelney | Mary Mullineux 01458 251057  the.mullis@tiscali.co.uk
Pitney | Jane Rosser 01458 259181  jmrosser@gmail.com
Low Ham & Henley Chapels | Jeff Cracknell 01458 252659  jeff.cracknell@pobox.com

DistributionSarah Paull 01458 251580
                  Eddie Hancock 01458 251494


For advertising please contact:
The Team Office | 01458 251881

Adverts need to be booked by the first Monday in each month.
The copy date is usually the 11th of each month
Please e-mail copy to roundabout.editor@live.co.uk

Advertising rates are payable in advance please to:
Huish Episcopi cum Langport PCC 

Full page (126x189mm)
Single advert £54.00 | 6 months £280.00 | 12 months £500.00

1/2 page landscape (126x92mm)
Single advert £30.00 | 6 months £150.00 | 12 months £270.00

1/4 page (60x92mm)
Single advert £17.00 | 6 months £84.00 | 12 months £144.00

1/8 page (60x44mm)
Single advert £11.00 | 6 months £50.00  | 12 months £83.00

We also offer a one-off ‘advertorial’ comprising a 1/4 page advert
and up to 220 words editorial for the cost of £20.00. This enables
you to do special offers or to introduce a new product or service.

Please send your advertising copy with full details of your name
and contact telephone number, address and cheque to the Team
Office. Due to the very tight economics of the magazine, we
regret that once adverts are booked, refunds cannot be made
if copy is received after print deadlines.

10 magazines are published in a year – July/August and
December/January months are combined as one magazine but
each counts as two months. In order to contain our administration
costs and subsidy, we ask that full payment be made in advance.
Receipts are only issued if requested.


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